As a standard large-scale mechanical equipment in the machinery market, single-girder bridge cranes are undoubtedly huge in appearance. In addition, many quality guaranteed single-girder bridge cranes are more complicated and refined in internal structure than other small instruments in order to better guarantee their quality. Therefore, the relevant single-girder bridge crane construction personnel must pay great attention to safety issues, pay attention to the daily safety problems of single-girder bridge cranes, Light Crane supplier,and do the following safety precautions to ensure that single-girder bridge crane equipment can be safe and reliable.

Single girder bridge cranes safety precautions

Safety precautions for single girder bridge cranes:

1. The relevant construction personnel must have a strong sense of responsibility, and must not leave the post without permission during the work of the single girder bridge crane. In order to make the single-girder bridge crane do not have any misoperation, the construction personnel are required to concentrate all the energy during the construction process, and cannot communicate with others or carry out a series of distracting things such as eating.

2. For any reason, the faulty operation of the single girder bridge crane causes some adverse accidents to occur, and it is necessary to make an emergency stop response immediately in the first time, so that it can be effectively controlled. Therefore, all personnel at the construction site of the single girder bridge crane are required to perform the remedial remedial operation immediately after hearing or seeing the specific signal, and take effective emergency measures to minimize the danger.

3. Before the formal construction of a single girder bridge crane, the relevant staff must thoroughly and thoroughly inspect the single girder bridge crane. In particular, it is necessary to pay attention to the spreader, rope and other places to see if it meets the minimum requirements of safety technology. If the rated load of the wire rope used in the single girder bridge crane is unknown, the wire rope should be replaced in time to ensure that the wire rope can reach the highest value of the loaded item before the start button is opened.Bridge Bucket-wheel Reclaimer from China

4. Since the single-girder bridge crane is a mechanical equipment that is relatively responsible for operation and has a large head, it is required that the operator must hold the relevant single-girder bridge crane qualification certificate, and the general staff is strictly forbidden to carry out any In operation, and in order to better protect the use of single girder bridge cranes, it is necessary to lock the operation room during the installation to avoid accidental touch by some unrelated persons, so that its parameters are changed.

The above three points are some of the safety precautions that need to be taken to safely use the single girder bridge crane. In order to ensure the entire construction time and avoid accidents that can be avoided, the relevant management personnel and construction personnel must Strictly follow the above measures, because after all, the single-girder bridge crane is only a kind of cold machine equipment, even the well-known domestic single-girder bridge crane manufacturers can not guarantee absolute safety to the vast number of consumers.

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